Contracts Scope of Contract


1. These terms and conditions apply to contracts for the rental of hotel rooms for accommodation purposes as well as all other goods and services rendered by the Villa Collina Verde (Hotel) for the customer.
2. Prior written consent by the Hotel is required if rooms provided are to be sublet or rented to third parties or used other than for accommodation purposes.
3. The customer’s terms and conditions shall only apply if these were agreed in
advance. Contract Conclusion, Parties, Liability, Limitation
4. The contract shall come into force upon the hotel’s acceptance of the customer’s application. The Hotel can elect to confirm the room reservation in writing. The contracting parties are the Hotel and the customer.

Should a third party have booked a room on behalf of a customer, then that third party and the customer shall be liable to the Hotel as joint debtors for all obligations arising from the Hotel Accommodation Contract, insofar as the Hotel has received a corresponding statement from the third party. The Hotel is liable for its contractual obligations. The liability for wrongful intent and gross negligence claims in areas outside the scope of typical services is limited. The limitation of claim for all customer claims is six months.

5. The above restricted liability and short limitation period shall also apply to the hotel’s benefit in cases where obligations have been violated in the contract proposal or positive contractual obligations.

Information for Guests

How to pay an online room reservation ?

You may pay directly on the website. Just pick the right date range and proceed to booking. Then fill you contact and billing details and press pay. You will be transferred to payment system's website in order to proceed with payment.

How much suits do you have?

We have 2 suits with 2 living rooms each. Each suit can host 4 people at once.

Which currency do you accept?

We accept euros for online payment. But you may pay in any currency since it will be converted into euros.

Is there a laundry service?

Each room has a laundry machine so you can steer you closes.


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